From Roots to Sky:  A Sojourn of Yoga, Pranayama & Dharana

This 8-part online audio program is designed for yoga students who would like to expand their understanding of Yoga philosophy linked to a creative flow of asana, breath & concentration practices.  Each 60-minute class offers one of India’s traditional Raja Yoga’s 8 limbs of practice, linked to the metaphor of a tree:  

  • The Roots = Yamas;
  • The Trunk = Niyamas;  
  • The Branches = Asanas;
  • The Leaves = Pranayama;
  • The Bark = Pratyahara;
  • The Sap = Dharana;
  • The Flowers = Dhyana;
  • The Fruit = Samadhi.

A one-page printable reference sheet covers details for that hour of practice.  You might listen to a class first once through before practicing.  Then print out the instruction sheet and give the practice a try.  Like with anything new, it may take a couple of rounds to get the gist.  Don’t worry about understanding everything on the first pass.  Be open and compassionate with yourself.  Enjoy the process…and be sure to join the From Roots to Sky Facebook Members Group to connect, to ask questions of each other or of me,  Liza Dousson, your instructor.  Welcome & Namaste!

Liza Dousson Bio:

Liza left a corporate life behind in 1999, following the strong beacon of Yoga in her life…and has never looked back. Yoga led her to India & South East Asia for 7 years of cultural immersion, study & the art of slowing-it-down. She continues to return intertwining Yoga, Thai Bodywork & Qi Gong.  In 2008 she began dedicating her instruction offerings solely to Yin Yoga, peppered with Hatha, Vinyasa & Iyengar roots.  Kickstarted by India, sharing the teachings of this much needed expression of Yoga with students in the 21st Century Digital Age has been a passion-fest, and delight, ever since.


A Few Teaching Highlights —

YIN Yoga Teacher Trainings & Immersions

  • 30-Hour CEU Programs with Liza Dousson E-RYT, YACEP

Summer Yoga & Music Festivals, YIN Yoga Instructor

  • Wanderlust & Music Festivals 2013-2018 USA
  • Maine Yoga Fest 2015, Portland ME

Liza’s eBook (available on Kindle & iBooks)

  • YIN Yoga:The Art of Deceleration in an Amp’d Up World

A Few Workshops

  • Meeting The Art of Deceleration through Yin Yoga – CT
  • Nourishing Earth Cools The Fire with Yin Yoga, QiGong & Metta – CT
  • Camp Contemplative:A Day Long Silent Retreat – CT
  • A Winter YINtrospective, Kula Yoga – NYC
  • Where YIN Meets YANG:  Musings, Mindfulness & Practice – Washington State
  • Double-Vision”:  A Day-long Yin Yoga & Partner Yoga Fusion Workshop – VT

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